What to Expect

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Getting to know you

We spend some time getting to know your business, what you are selling, who you want to sell to and how you want to get it done. Your products, your business model, your people. It is all important in how you present yourself on the internet. As mentioned before, this is your resume, and people are going to review your resume carefully. If you are not painting a proper picture of yourself, people are going to see it and go somewhere else for the service or product they need.

We want to talk to your people and get to know them. They are ultimately what you are selling. If you are selling a service, your people who are performing your service for the customer is 90% of what you are selling.

Getting to know your industry

we want to know your industry. We want to know your competition in the area and nationwide. We want to know what you do within the industry and how you do it better than the competition. We want to make sure that we give the public looking for your service a concise picture, an informative picture, of what you are doing to change your industry, or make your industry better for the people who need you. Most marketing firms will take your current content and just make it prettier on the web. We want to take your content, use what works and replace the rest with a market tested and proven method of painting the best picture of you, your company, your products, and your services to your potential customers.

Getting to Know your target

You have a specific type of person or business you want to connect with. Your product is made for this person or business. Your service is designed for this demographic. we will take the time to get to know these people and understand what they are looking for when searching for your product.

Framework design

Once we have your business built up in our files, we begin the creative process of presenting your business in the best possible way, our mock ups are easy to understand, and give you a sense of what your site will look like, how it will function, how it will look on different devices, and give you the option to pick and choose options such as color schemes. Generally, we can get a flavor of the color scheme from the logo images you give us.

we work closely with you because while we are experts in building and making the internet dazzle with your products and services, ultimately, this is your brand and your approval of how we are displaying your brand is extremely important in the relationship we build. Your OK on each step of the process is how we know we can move forward.

Web Build

We work within the frameworks of CSS3, and HTML 5 to build for you the most visually stunning, contextually informative and market ready web sites on the net. Our customers will attest, their sites are totally responsive to any screen size, Just like this site (take a look at this site on your phone to see what I mean). Your site will be built in such a way that search engines can find your site and display your site closer to the top than ever before. based on the key words you want to use to attract your target audience. Add ons to your site can be built in as well, like Blogging and Pay Per Click campaigns to get your business off the ground.

Quality Assurance

Our quality work does not come from us being perfect on the first iteration of s web site. Errors happen and issues arise, and typos are made. all the time and all over the place. Once we complete your site, the site is sent through a series of testing processes that we have in place. out testing and proof reading means that the site, once published, is free of the errors that we as human beings make. all links are working, all spelling is perfect, grammar is also perfect. We have our arguments internally about the use of the Oxford comma, but the end result is your site is professional, it is clean and free of issues, leaving you with a professional site with your message clear and attractive to your potential clients.


After the work is complete, your site is tested, everything else is technically perfect, this is the easy part. We load your site and all of the back end files to the server. this is the easy part. your site is live and Google starts crawling the site. as time goes by, we work continuously to make sure your search score is continuing to grow. Updates are easy to make, just let us know anything you want added or removed. the whole process should have been painless and fast.

WE built our dream from the ground up

Throughout these pages on my corner of the web, I have made it know that i grew tired of the lack of freedom of creativity in the corporate world. The perfectly scientific method of one size fits all marketing based on the focus groups and the corporate heads who make up what sells us 99% of the box store product.

Marketing has its sciences. there are formulas that work. but the secret of marketing is the creativity and the expression of the company and marketer are what attract people. We are creative. we are fun, we love attracting attention, which is exactly what marketing is! Our formulas are built around the creative element that turns notes, chords and words into songs.

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