Geo-Targeted Optomization

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Local SEO For Start Up Companies

When you look for something that you need, your first stop is google. You enter a search term and if you are looking for a local business to provide your service, you will notice that there is a map that comes up that shows where the local businesses are. You need your business to show up in these results. People searching for any service generally will not click past page 1. The top 3 results will always pull the best conversions to site visits.


While SEO takes a couple of months to get your site to the top of the page, Paid marketing with Google Ad Words provides top spots for your business instantly!

How Does It Work?

Your business offers a service that people need, so people in your local area searching terms relating to your business need to be seeing you. We start by reviewing your local presence on the internet, and how you compare to other businesses in the same industry in the area.

Armed with this information we can work to optimize your Google business listing to ensure maximum exposure to your local community.

Local SEO will also help with your national search for clients, when people are looking for your service in your local area, for example "Lawn Service in Southern California" or "Pool Cleaning in San Diego"

Search Engine Scoring takes time. We continue to work on a monthly fee basis to boost your web site and increase your search engine score. SEO is not a magic program that runs on your web service, it is an ongoing effort and ongoing work on your site. For immediate results, lets discuss a short term pay per click campaign while your organic growth with search engines continues.


We work with you based on how aggressive you want to market locally. We continue to collaborate with you as the campaign continues to meet your needs. When we manage you local SEO, you can rest easy that your brand will be delivered to your community!

Finding San Diego County Business in San Diego County

Your business needs customers. Customers search the internet. Customers searching the internet will usually use the term "near me" when looking for a service locally. We help your site show up in the local results.

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